Подготовлены обновления phpMyAdmin версий 4.7.0 и

Подготовлены обновления phpMyAdmin версий 4.7.0 и (включающие исправление выявленных ошибок и проблем безопасности).

Кроме улучшения безопасности, внесено значительное количество улучшений в стабильность работы версии 4.7.0:
* Fix an issue where $cfg['Servers'][$i]['AllowNoPassword'] is ignored
* Fix JavaScript errors when using Designer
* Show all databases in dropdown selector, including the current one
* Better defaults when creating a multi-field foreign key
* Improved support for TokuDB
* Improved handling of LoginCookieValidity, this should improve certain
cases where users were getting logged out prematurely
* Fix an error that could occur when copying a database (related to
pmadb/Configuration Storage metadata)
* Fixed OpenDocument exports
* Fixed alignment of NULL values
* Removed error message about client and server version mismatch
* Compatibility fixes when running under HHVM 3.18
* Fix the version check when curl is incorrectly configured
* Change the default export setting for Excel files; now the default is
to include column names in the first row. This is always configurable
with $cfg['Export']['excel_columns']
* Log failed authentication attempts to syslog (useful for parsing by
fail2ban, for example)
* Add filtering for the database list
* Add table filtering to the database 'Structure' tab
* Add support for exporting user settings as a config.inc.php snippet
* Add option to delete settings from browser storage
* Changes to the JSON import and export format to better follow the JSON
specification, however this breaks
compatibility with older versions. See
* Support for IPv6 proxies
* Allow more connection parameters for the controluser connection
* Rename 'Relations' to 'Relationships' in many places as it's a more
correct term
* More documentation for export configuration options
* Remove support for Swekey authentication
* Remove support for old, unsupported versions of Microsoft Internet
* Removed $cfg['ThemePath']

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