Подготовлен стабильный выпуск phpMyAdmin 4.5.4

Подготовлен стабильный выпуск phpMyAdmin 4.5.4, закрывающий найденные ошибки в работе скрипта.

4.5.4 (2016-01-28)
- issue #11724 live data edit of big sets is not working
- issue Table list not saved in db QBE bookmarked search
- issue #11777 While 'changing a column', query fails with a syntax error after the 'CHARSET=' keyword
- issue #11783 Avoid syntax error in javascript messages on invalid PHP setting for max_input_vars
- issue #11784 Properly handle errors in upacking zip archive
- issue #11785 Set PHP's internal encoding to UTF-8
- issue #11786 Fixed Kanji encoding in some specific cases
- issue #11787 Check whether iconv works before using it
- issue #11788 Avoid conversion of MySQL error messages
- issue #11792 Undefined index: parameters
- issue #11802 Undefined index: field_name_orig
- issue Undefined index: host
- issue #11810 'Add to central columns' (per column button) does nothing
- issue #11727 SQL duplicate entry error trying to INSERT in designer_settings table
- issue #11798 Fix handling of databases with dot in a name
- issue #11820 Fix hiding of page content behind menu
- issue #11780 FROM clause not generated after loading search bookmark
- issue #11826 Fix creating/editing VIEW with DEFINER containing special chars
- issue #11828 Do not invoke FLUSH PRIVILEGES when server in --skip-grant-tables
- issue #11804 Misleading message for configuration storage
- issue #11772 Table pagination does nothing when session expired
- issue #11840 Index comments not working properly
- issue #11791 Better handle local storage errors
- issue #11752 Improve detection of privileges for privilege adjusting
- issue #11854 Undefined property: stdClass::$releases at version check when disabled in config
- issue #11814 SQL comment and variable stripped from bookmark on save
- issue Gracefully handle errors in regex based javascript search
- issue [Security] Multiple full path disclosure vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-1
- issue [Security] Unsafe generation of CSRF token, see PMASA-2016-2
- issue [Security] Multiple XSS vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-3
- issue [Security] Insecure password generation in JavaScript, see PMASA-2016-4
- issue [Security] Unsafe comparison of CSRF token, see PMASA-2016-5
- issue [Security] Multiple full path disclosure vulnerabilities, see PMASA-2016-6
- issue [Security] XSS vulnerability in normalization page, see PMASA-2016-7
- issue [Security] Full path disclosure vulnerability in SQL parser, see PMASA-2016-8
- issue [Security] XSS vulnerability in SQL editor, see PMASA-2016-9

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