Подготовлен стабильный выпуск phpMyAdmin 4.5.5

Подготовлен стабильный выпуск phpMyAdmin 4.5.5, закрывающий найденные ошибки в работе скрипта. (2016-02-22)
- issue Undefined index: is_ajax_request
- issue #11855 Fix password change on MariaDB 10.1 and newer
- issue #11874 Validate version information before further processing it
- issue #11881 Full processlist lost on refresh
- issue #11834 Adjust privileges fails if database name contains underscores
- issue #11906 'Loading...' banner shows on login screen
- issue #11930 Fixed changing of table parameters, eg. AUTO_INCREMENT
- issue #11885 Call to undefined function SqlParserctype_alnum()
- issue #11879 - NOW() function not recognized by parser
- issue #11867 Gracefully handle the DESC statement
- issue #11843 Fractional timestamp causes corrupted SQL export
- issue #11836 Static analysis error for valid WHERE condition with IF keyword
- issue #11800 Syntax Verifier error using REGEXP in SQL statement
- issue #11799 Backslashes in comments are being interpreted as escape characters
- issue #11909 Can't insert row into table that contains generated column
- issue #11677 sql-parser and php-gettext collide.
- issue #11920 Can't disable backquotes in export
- issue #11911 Inserts via tbl_change.php in VARBINARY columns does not allow using HEX() and MD5()
- issue #11939 Correct content type for uploaded error reports
- issue #11940 Silent errors from checking local documentation
- issue #11944 Fixed error on servers with disabled php_uname
- issue #11946 Correctly store and report file upload errors
- issue #11948 Avoid javascript errors on invalid location hash
- issue #11950 Fix PHP warning on configuration errors
- issue #11951 Silent errors on checking for writable folders
- issue #11952 Silent warning on invalid file upload
- issue #11953 Do not fail getting filename with open_basedir limitations
- issue #11956 unrecognized keyword interval
- issue Field names and aliases are being correctly parsed now.
- issue #11959 Fix javascript error in setup
- issue #11964 Undefined index: TABLE_COMMENT in database structure page
- issue #11967 Fix PHP error on loading invalid XML or ODS file
- issue #11969 Missing confirmation while dropping a view in view_operations.php
- issue #11968 Fix export of index comments in SQL
- issue #11979 DECLARE not accepted as valid SQL

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